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Why does the Performing Arts Department at Lincoln need help?
Background information:

San Jose Unified is now a “P.I.” (Program improvement) district.  That means a number of our schools are not making adequate yearly progress (AYP) towards every student reaching basic proficiency on mandated state testing during their time in school. 

At the stipulation of the state/district, 9th students entering Lincoln in the 2011-2012 school year and current 10th graders who are not at basic proficiency will be mandated to take double periods of math and/or language arts until they have attained basic proficiency.  If they are unable to do this, the requirement for double math/language will follow them until they have achieved this goal.  No further monies are allocated from the state for improvements; our district and school is forced to re-allocate funds to implement these changes.  THAT MEANS UNTIL STATE BUDGETS IMPROVE OR THE STUDENTS SCORE BETTER THE CUTS WILL ALWAYS BE WITH US.

Here the list of classes which are potentially cut:

2 Theatre Arts (Musical Theatre & 1 Beg. Drama)
2 Music (AP Music Theory/Electronic Music and one of the jazz choirs)
3 World Language classes
3 P. E. classes
2 Science classes
1 Visual Art classes

If the Lincoln administration is allocated more staffing, some of the classes listed will potentially be reinstated.  These depend wholly on whether our school population in September is over the current projection and more staffing is deemed necessary.  We will not know this until potentially September, but we cannot afford to wait to find out.  WE NEED TO ACT NOW.

Financial impact:

We are able to fundraise for these classes; however, the cost must include the cost of standard teacher deductions in addition to salary (which include insurance, retirement, union, workman’s comp., etc.).  The cost is estimated at $15,000-$20,000 PER CLASS, depending on the staff member.  In order to reinstate the four P. A. classes that were lost, we need to fundraise approximately $75,000 EACH YEAR.  We’re hopeful that at least one or two of our classes can be reinstated, lowering the amount needed.

What you can do:

  • Donate.  First and foremost, the fundraising must begin now.  You can donate to our departments by clicking the buttons below.  We’re recommending $10 for each year you were involved in the department.  That’s less than the cost of a movie ticket per year....and surely the education you received here is worth at least that much!  If each student we’ve taught gave that, our proceeds would surpass a million dollars!  If you can give more, that’d be great.

  • Spread the word.  You’re still connected to Lincoln folks that we don’t know.  Please give them this news and encourage them to support us if they can.  We are on Facebook. Follow us there.   
  • Attend our events. Check the Link above for information
  • Volunteer You can help as a LPAC Board Member or event staff. See our Volunteer page.

PLEASE DO NOT contact the media, the school administration, or the district independently.  Our efforts will be most effective if we join forces and do this in a way that is effective and purposeful.  Once plans are set into place for this, we will inform you.

YOUR SUPPORT MEANS EVERYTHING.  We appreciate you and, whlie we hate what is going on, we are feeling the love and support for our programs.  Thank you very very much. 

More soon,

Anne-Marie Katemopoulos
Chuck Manthe